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Climate, health, poverty, discrimination... The world needs change. Want to be part of it? With the Better solidarity subscription, you take action, now, for the causes that matter to you.

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Better: how does it work?

Better connects your enthusiasm with projects that suit you and need support.

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    Choose your causes, your formula and start making an impact straight away.
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    On the 1st Sunday of the month, Better presents the association selected for you. You decide whether or not to accept.
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    A new association is selected for you. And so on... Every month, you make a difference.
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What our members say ★★★★★

Joining Better means encouraging young entrepreneurs looking to make an improvement in our close society, caring to better the lot of others. They are not content to just "denounce" or issue fruitless "shoulda, coulda, wouldas". They take action on the ground. Joining Better is also subscribing to the good news. These entrepreneurs need your concrete encouragement, no matter how small. So, be Better.

Dominique D.
Dominique D.

Member for 1 month(s)

Like many people, I was eager to contribute to charitable work, but I didn't know where to start, what to support, or get the desired transparency. With Better, I was guided from start to finish through a simple process that takes into account the causes that are important to me, where visibility is at the heart of the action.

Edouard H.
Edouard H. / Co-Founder

Member for 1 month(s)

Life is a gift, and it presents us with the opportunity, the privilege, and the responsibility to give something back in our own way. Through Better, each month I make a donation to a charity that is close to my heart and aligned with my values. I know where my money is going and whom I'm helping in return. There's nothing better than being confident, helping others, and discovering wonderful projects. Thank you, Better, for making philanthropy accessible.

Emilie G.
Emilie G. / Entrepreneur

Member for 1 month

Technology at the service of philanthropy, all led by a female leader. Wow, I love it for so many reasons. Subscription taken out. And I can confirm that the onboarding is great. I really enjoyed the choice of themes and the introductory videos.

Sandra D.
Sandra D. / Employée

Member for 11 month(s)

I love discovering projects that I was not aware of. I am looking forward to finding out about organizations that fight against precariousness in Belgium. I was delighted to discover the non-profit organization l'Ilot and even more to support them! 

Dominique C.
Dominique C. / Pensionnée

Member for 3 month(s)

What won me over was the time saved in the search for interesting projects to support according to our aspirations. The feeling that our help goes transparently to one expense or another at the level of the supported project. The clarity and efficiency of the site and the onboarding process.

Alexis V.
Alexis V. / Indépendant

Member for 1 month(s)

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The Better team

Our history

In 2016, the Degroof Petercam Group launched the gingo.community platform. Gingo's aim was to put participatory financing at the service of philanthropy. In 2021, Gingo celebrated its 5th anniversary and had raised 1 million euros. It was time to strengthen the project and aim for even greater impact. This is the origin of Better. Better is the evolution of the gingo.community project, a participatory financing platform created in 2016 with the support of Bank Degroof Petercam. This initiative by three Bank employees aims to put participatory financing at the service of philanthropy.

Gingo celebrated its 5th anniversary and raised 1 million euros. It was time to strengthen the project and aim for even greater impact.

This is the origin of the Better project.

Marie Logé
Marie Logé

Co-founder — operations

Thomas Carton de Wiart
Thomas Carton

Co-founder — technical

Silvia Steisel
Silvia Steisel

Co-founder — gingo.community

Xavier van Campenhout
Xavier Van Campenhout

Team compass - vision