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Give the gift of a solidarity gift card!

Would you like to please your loved ones with a meaningful gift? Give them the gift of a better world with the Better gift card.

Surprise your loved ones in a positive way

Give souvenirs that do good for the planet and society

Make a difference by offering an experience rather than a disposable object

Benefits of the Better gift card

An opportunity to give pleasure with simple meaning!

  • A rigorous selection of Belgian associations
  • In 3 clicks you create your solidarity gift card.
  • All donations are deductible and tax certificates automated.
With the support of the King Baudouin Foundation

How does it work?

You order your cards below, give them to anyone you like and Better takes care of the rest. Encouraging change has never been easier.

  1. 1 Your gift cards in just a few clicks

    Choose all the cards you want to offer

  2. 2 You receive them by email or post

    Each card carries an activation code to transform its recipient into an agent of change.

  3. 3 Lasting, tangible impact

    Every day, many associations are committed to finding solutions to the issues that concern you

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gift of 5 € of associations
gift of 10 € of associations
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What is a Better solidarity gift card?

The solidarity gift card is the turnkey solution that lets you offer gifts to your loved ones. Thanks to this alternative, they can support the causes of their choice free of charge and in just 1 click, and you can give pleasure in a different way.

What are the advantages of the Better solidarity gift card?

For associations: a new source of funding and more time to devote to their actions in the field. For you: an original way to give pleasure with a real impact on the planet and society. For your friends and family: an opportunity to make an impact and learn about local projects without spending a cent.

What percentage goes to field actions?

100% of donations go directly to the associations you support. No commissions, no hidden fees. And this is possible because Better is a non-profit organization financially supported by the Fondation Gingo.

Why go through Better rather than directly with the associations?

The idea is above all to make up for the traditional budgets allocated to material objects (disposable gifts or those immediately resold on eBay) by converting them into donations with a positive impact. As a result, the Better solidarity gift card is a new source of funding for associations. And for your friends and family, it's a fast and effective way to discover and support projects with an ecological and social impact.

Some results already achieved by the associations we support

  • 1 000 000

    Over 1 million kg of plastic removed from rivers.

    Thanks to River CleanUp

  • 15 400

    More than 15,400 showers offered to the homeless.

    Thanks to DoucheFLUX

  • 356

    356 people were supported in 2021.

    Thanks to the Petit Vélo Jaune

  • 1 500

    1,500 homeless people benefited from more dignified and sustainable solutions for housing, food and training.

    Thanks to l'Ilot

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