Simple Workplace Giving

Empower your employees and make a difference. With ease.

Monthly Subscription

Empower your team to make a difference. Every month!

  • You decide how much each employee gets to give every month.
  • They each tell us the causes that matter to them.
  • We present them a selected non-profit through a 2' video.
    And we listen to their feedback.

Gift Cards

Celebrate with impact! Give a better world to your stakeholders

  • By postcard, email or QR code to celebrate a moment that matters to them.
  • In just a few clicks, participants choose the impact project they want to support with their prefunded donation.

Custom Solutions

Let's design new experiences!

  • Let's build new philanthropic experiences such as voting app, salary rounding, customer gratification, ... everything is possible.
  • You can also leverage our API to integrate our products in your project.

Better is trusted by

The Go-to Platform for Transformational Impact

All in One

One place to smoothly manage your giving program

Truly inclusive

Better allows your company to respect the unique experience and perspective of each of your employee

Impact Focused

The non-profits in our portfolio are carefully vetted for their impact and based in Belgium

Easy Setup

Leave us the paperwork. We'll get you up and running in days, not months

Built for Privacy

We make sure your data and employee's are safe and secure


Real-time data helps you understand the trends in your employees giving practices

Dashboard & Reporting

Understand and Promote

  • Your Better dashboard allows you to remain on track with the concerns of your employees and customers.
  • Easily opt-in to publish your impact report on each ESG.

Volume Based Pricing

Our success is rooted in donations to non-profits

Giving Program for Employees


fee on donations


setup fee / user

Gift Cards


fee on donations


setup fee / action

Vetted and Belgian

A carefully Handpicked Portfolio

  • With Better you are sure to support vetted non-profits rooted in Belgium.
  • Our tax-deduction policy is compliant with the Belgian regulations.