Baob Brussels

Baob Brussels supports vulnerable women affected by cancer or another long-term illness.

"In 2020, at the beginning of the Covid lockdown and at the end of the first series of hospitalizations, I created my own brand of upcycled accessories, called 'Kinju Brussels'. This post-cancer recovery project was and still is a breath of fresh air for me after the tsunami I had experienced. In 2021, when I couldn't find a suitable organization to support me physically, psychologically, financially, and relationally in my new life after cancer, I founded the non-profit Baob Brussels." - Juliette Berguet

Baob Brussels was established with the aim of providing women who are undergoing or have undergone cancer or a serious long-term illness with relevant information about the disease, the problems that come with it, and the keys to recovery. In particular, Baob Brussels helps women return to work by strengthening their physical and mental well-being through a personalized program: back-to-work coaching, image coaching, customized sports, manual activities, legal assistance, etc. Baob Brussels prioritizes vulnerable women such as single mothers or LGBTQI+ women because they are twice as likely to relapse. Baob Brussels brings together people from different generations and cultures so that they can share experiences and support each

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