Le petit vélo jaune

"Le Petit Vélo Jaune" offers regular, long-term support to young parents facing precarious situations, fragility, or isolation, who feel helpless or concerned about the birth of their child or in their parenting role.

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"Le Petit Vélo" Jaune (The Little Yellow Bike) came to life from two observations made by the founders: children separated from their parents due to extremely precarious situations are experiencing great distress. The lack of support for young, capable but fragile parents can lead to this separation.

"Le Petit Vélo Jaune" provides supportive assistance to isolated or disadvantaged young parents. The support is free, regular, structured, and long-term. It is provided by volunteer teammates who visit the families' homes once a week. The help provided in an open environment, at the heart of the family, helps to prevent stigmatization and to support the advancement of families within their own environment, with confidence.

Key figures

356 individuals (parents and children) were supported in 2021.

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With your donation, Petit Vélo Jaune will be able to support even more families throughout Belgium. (as an example)

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